Beckett Comics is a division of Beckett Publications, founded in 1984 and now the United States’ foremost publisher of collectibles magazines. In 2003, Beckett Comics enjoyed critical success with Ruule: Ganglords of Chinatown and published the officially licensed Terminator® 3 comic book series. The publisher is readying the release of three new comic series this summer: Kiss & Tell, Volume 2 of the Ruule series (June 2004), The Ballad of Sleeping Beauty (July 2004) and Fade from Grace (August 2004).
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Sam has lost everything, including his strength, all because he fell for the wrong girl. Down and nearly out, Sam becomes a pawn in one of Boss Daggoni’s little games, but

Daggoni better be careful because Sam might not be the brightest guy in town, but even without his strength he is the toughest.

Just when John and Grace were starting to feel comfortable with John’s new role as hero, a mysterious new villain arrives ready to tear him apart.
Ruule Vol. 1 Ganglords Of Chinatown

The critically acclaimed 5 part
epic mini-series
tells the story of
how one man stood up to countless
enemies, only to fall into the enemy inside himself.

Jan 2005
Jan 5
The Ballad of Sleeping Beauty
Issue # 6
Jan 12
Kiss & Tell
Issue # 7